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Unified Commerce Business Optimization System

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What can a UCBOS™ enabled enterprise achieve?​

Supply Chain Convergence & Orchestration

Real-Time Visibility & Execution

Prediction Analytics

Scenario Planning

Connect Business Entities, Systems, Policies, Procedures, People and Things

How to use UCBOS

Inventory Controller

Procurement Manager

Warehouse Manager

Current Enterprise SCM Ecosystems

Today’s supply chain ecosystems are a web of ERPs, SCM packages, warehouse automation systems, legacy applications and piles of customizations. This tangled mess leads to data silos, cross-functional barriers, and long development times — all of which inhibit your competitiveness and market response.

UCBOS™ helps you untangle the mess and bring your entire ecosystem together into an integrated, orchestrated supply chain — all without writing a single line of code.

UCBOS™ complements your leading SCM vendors and more

Digital Transformation Barriers 

Supply Chain Network Functions operate in separate, isolated systems.  The lack of interoperability creates a barrier to capabilities and stifles innovation. Solutions for disruptive and unpredictable supply chain challenges can only come from thorough knowledge of business operations.

Disjointed Convergence & Orchestration


Connecting operational activities with coordinated actions across your supply chain network needs to be continuous. Integrate outside of your organization with virtually any system. This can impact your ability to achieve:

  • Connection of Suppliers, Customers and Consumers through Systems, Apps and Things
  • Scenario Planning and Process Automation
  • Rapid warehouse automation implementation and orchestration between multiple automation vendors, task management and labor scheduling
  • Outcome-driven Procure to Pay and Order to Cash
Limited Visibility & Prediction


Being able to understand changes in the supply chain and quickly react as well as being able to use patterns of activity to predict outcomes and take preventative action is difficult. This can make it hard to deliver:

  • Prediction and prescription capabilities

  • Effective use of AI and machine learning like ML regression, classification and forecasting

  • Outcome-driven Schedule to Fulfill and Forecast to Plan

Slow Speed to Solution


A complex, hard to maintain tech stack means deploying new solutions can take years. It also makes it hard to maintain enterprise governance, quality and reliability. This limits innovation because too much effort is needed for maintenance.

  • Time to market takes years

  • Maintenance eats into innovation

  • Enterprise governance is laborious

  • Too many tech stacks

  • Way too many black boxes

Overcome Digital Supply Chain Transformation Barriers

Industry Perspective

Legacy Apps Slowing You Down? Try a Composable Enterprise Business Platform

Either live with the profit-killing technical debt that legacy applications deliver, or cut those applications in order to implement all-new technology.

A No-Code Platform for Today’s Supply Chains: Shan Muthuvelu & Steffanie Ness with UCBOS Inc

 Check out the podcast and listen to the discussion on no-code with the team of Supply Chain Now.

Agility, Data & No-Code

Advances in technology are shaping the future of the supply chain. These three trends are key to adopting these advances in your organization: agility, data, and no-code.

Model Your Business

Compose Your Business Platform 

UCBOS™ brings End to End Visibility, End to End Process Automation and End to End Aligned Decision Making all into a single massive platform for faster supply chain convergence and digital transformation. Very Impressive!

Tim Payne

Vice President, Research, Gartner






System Integrator

Discover the Composable Business Outcomes


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