Compose Your SCM Transformation

The UCBOS™ platform complements traditional best-of-breed on-prem solutions, cloud solutions, machines, and things in an unprecedented way and empowers enterprises to manage their dynamic and time-sensitive business needs without technology barriers.

Don’t Rip Out Everything.

Digitalize your legacy, ERP and SCM through UCBOS™ composable assets! 

‟ Build a solution for you connecting the policies, procedures, systems, data, everything, including all the latest machine learning and everything by yourself without a single line of coding. ”

Shan Muthuvelu

President, CEO of UCBOS™ 

Before UCBOS™ 

As part of the transformation, businesses are taking multiple approaches:

Single Vendor Approach – Adopting to Cloud Solutions – Implement Business Process Automation – Develop Apps on Module level – Develop Custom Enhancements – Adopt to API & Microservices Architecture

It leads to this sample eco-system with a multitude of solutions with vendor dependencies with the bulky cost of ownership and longer solution time.

UCBOS™ State of the Art Architecture


100% No-Code

100% Metadata

100% NoSQL

AI/ML Engine

Intelligence Embedded Digital Integration Hubs

Business Process Management

UCBOS™ Initial Transformation

The UCBOS™ platform is both straightforward, extendable, and time-friendly compared to traditional models.It allows enterprises to prioritize the mission-critical business needs without ripping existing eco-systems or developing custom code. It helps businesses to deliver short-term goals and meet long-term gains without pivoting from their original plan.

UCBOS™ State of the Art Functional Capabilities

Business Systems and Application Builders

Predictive Analysis and Business Execution


End to End Semantic Orchestration

Multiple & Multilevel Business Hierarchies

Define “n” number of Business Entity with “n” number of hierarchies with user and data level restrictions​ and build business logic around those business fields

Multi-Experience Screens

Dynamically assemble Widgets, Services, Graphs, and Mobile apps with CRUD features for any business objects irrespective the object source system 

Self-Adapting Platform

Self-learn disparate domestic, external schemas and enrich master schemas as needed everything without a single of line of code

Execute Limitless Hypothesis

Predict outcomes from custom schemas, fields of interests, and user-defined restrictions with live data  

Digital Process Automation

Automate business flows by predicted values, user approval, internal and external events  

UCBOS™ Progressive 


The UCBOS™ platform enables enterprises to be effective in their transformation journey. It aids your road map and saves cost on purchasing, implementing, and maintaining redundant software solutions. As a PaaS or SaaS, UCBOS™ allows you to add unlimited business capabilities. 

Discover the Composable Business Outcomes


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