Real Visibility of  Warehouses

Interconnected warehouse and ERP systems yield a connected supply chain and lay the foundation to build business capabilities faster.


Warehouse Manager

UCBOS, a business composable solution that converges disparate systems through a logical data model, allows businesses to have a complete view of their supply chain and access to all their warehouses across the globe. In addition, a warehouse manager using UCBOS can create new capabilities with their existing applications and optimize their time for more innovation.

According to the 2018 Deloitte`s Global CPO survey, 65% of procurement professionals have no visibility beyond their tier-one suppliers.



Warehouse Managers

Composable Multi-Experience Capabilities

  • Facilitate wall-to-wall physical inventory count automation

IOT Integration

  • Enabling safety monitoring capability for all the warehouses

Composable Visualization

  • Enabling shipment visibility across all the warehouses

Business Intelligence

  • Enabling productivity comparison across all the warehouses


Inventory Controllers

Global Inventory

  • Consolidated visibility to stock across inventory organizations and/or facilities

Logical SCM Data Model

  • Daily stock reconciliation between a system of record and multiple transaction systems

Scenario Planning

  • React to market signals and adjust standard operations like switching from JIT(Just In Time)/VMI(Vendor Managed Inventory) to MTS/FG model to manage supply and disruptions
  • Enable additional processes like “Backflush Inventory Management”

New Capabilities

  • Broader Inventory Segmentation options including tracking item inventories that falls under CapEx
  • Enable barcode scanning based inventory transactions
  • Automate inventory management procedures
  • Global Visibility into Inventory Turnover KPIs


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